How to place an order in Fumot online store?

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Dear customer, we extend a warm welcome to the official retail store of Vape brands such as Fumot, RandM, Supbliss, Vome, and Movkin at store.fumot-tech.com. Here, you can find and purchase genuine Fumot Digital Box 12000, Tornado 9000, Tornado 7000, and other well-known disposable vapes.

Tips Before Ordering

Before diving into your order, here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth process:

Payment Options: Our website accepts three major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and Discover. As vape products are regulated in most countries, we don't support PayPal for e-cigarette online stores. Additionally, bank transfers and cash on delivery are not supported.

Shipping area: We strive to serve buyers worldwide. Please note that due to logistics and payment factors, our shipping is primarily focused on regions such as Europe, North America, and others. Refer to our Shipping Policy for detailed information.

Shipping Duration: Currently, we do not have overseas warehouses. All products on this site are shipped directly from Fumot's Shenzhen factory. This means it will take some time for your order/package to be delivered to you. According to our shipping experience, packages sent to the United States will take 15-20 days, and packages sent to Europe will take 15-25 days. If there are flight delays, the duration may increase.

Steps to place an order at Fumot store.

Ordering at Fumot store is straightforward. You don't need to register as a store member. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Product page, choose your preferred salt level and taste, adjust the quantity, and click "ADD TO CART.".


  1. Repeat step one to add other flavors. (If there is)
  2. Click the shopping cart button in the upper right corner to enter the shopping cart page, review the product parameters in the shopping cart (salt level, taste, and quantity), and the order amount.


  1. Click the “CHECKOUT” button to enter the checkout page.
  2. Enter your verified email address. (This is important, all emails regarding your order will be sent to this email address).


  1. Enter the accurate delivery address and phone number, and the delivery person will contact you through it.


  1. Confirm the order amount again, then click the "PAY NOW" button to enter the credit card information interface, enter the information, and complete the payment.


  1. Check your email for the order confirmation from Fumot. If not found in your inbox, check the SPAM/Junk folder.


Seems like a long process? Well, this is a tutorial, so maybe it's a little "too detailed".

How to use discount code at Fumot store?

Fumot store offers two types of discount codes: "Automatic discount" and "Discount code."

Automatic Discount: Some codes, like "VOLUME DISCOUNT 1" and "MERRYCHRISTMAS5," are applied automatically during the order process.


Discount Code: For manual application. Buyers need to enter the discount code they have in the input box and click "Apply" to take effect.


Please be aware that if you have obtained a "Discount code" but it is invalid after application. That means the discount code has usage restrictions and cannot be used in combination. You can contact us via Chat Button to confirm how to use this discount code.


That's it! Placing an order at Fumot is hassle-free. For any queries, our dedicated Fumot retail team is here to assist you. Happy shopping!