We offer one of the best paid affiliate commissions in the industry. 

Store.fumot-tech.com is official online retail store launched by Fumot Tech. We are the top and most trusted brand in disposable vapes industry. Our vapes are sold worldwide, whether you are in Scandinavia or New Zealand; Whether you are in New York or Mumbai. Every year, tens of millions of Fumot, RandM, Supbliss, Vome, and Movkin branded disposable vapes are sent to consumers in various regions. Classic models represented by Fumot Torando 7000 and Fumot Tornado 9000, as well as emerging digital display models represented by Fumot Digital Box 12000 and Movkin Ulax 10000, have made Fumot's products more and more popular among vapor.

In here, we offer robust affiliate programs with dedicated affiliate account management alongside support and assistance to ensure the greatest level of success for all affiliates and partners within our programs.

Highlights of our Programs: 

  1. We offer 5% - 20% commission on every order depends on your performance!
  2. Average Order Price up to $80 USD.
  3. Free latest samples (if approved).
  4. Strong Conversion Rate.
  5. Cookie length up to 30 days!
  6. Free Shipping worldwide.
  7. Automatically pay-out every month through ShareAsale or GoaffPro.
  8. Prestigious and highly popular brands and products
  9. Flexible and varied selection of two different Affiliate Programs depending on need and preference.
  10. Highly Trained and Professional Dedicated Affiliate Account Management .

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to send us a note at shopify@fumot-tech.com

Who Can Apply

  • Publishers
  • Vapes Forums
  • Vapes Hobby Sites
  • Product Review Sites
  • Social Media Influencer
  • And more...

Opt in to one.

You can choose your preferred program to join. We currently offer 2 of the leading affiliate networks:  GoaffPro and ShareAsale.


*Most recommended


*If you own an account


We offer a tiered commission scheme to all publishers. The commission rate will be based on the performance of your referrals.
Level 1: 5%, available to all approved publishers.
Level 2: 10%, when your referral order amount reaches $500USD.
Level 3: 15%, when your referral order amount reaches $3000USD.
Level 4: 20%, when your referral order amount reaches $10,000USD.

GoaffPro is the our self-operated affiliate project. Suitable for those who are not registered ShareASale publishers to apply.

ShareASale is a mature third-party affiliate marketing platform. For those who are already a SAS publisher, you can apply for our program directly on the ShareASale platform.

Both platforms provide the same commission rate and the same cookie duration. In GoaffPro, you can apply to withdraw commission at any time, and the ShareASale system will automatically issue the commission to you.

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to send us a note at shopify@fumot-tech.com